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Tom T. Plant

Nike bases in WNY..

Nike Sites were separated into two facilities. Control "C' and Launch "L" There is a site with info that I now relay to you folks..
Nike sites in NY It is important to note that only sites designated 'BU-XX' and 'NF-XX' are of interest here. They are obviously and respectively Buffalo and Niagara Falls the 'NY-XX' sites were to cover Gotham..

Poor general map of some of the Nike sites in the area
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I mentioned this in a different thread in a different community... but I don't think there is much to explore at the Grand Island site. Its been turned into more of a park/community center. There are only a few buildings left and some of them are storage garages that hold landscaping tools/sports supplies. Of the buildings that are left they've been rennovated and are used for community functions. I can remember way back maybe 15 years ago or so being in elementary school and stopping there to eat lunch with the class and still smelling wet paint in the place.

Unless there are more buildings back in the woods... there isn't anything to see there unless you're up for a game of tennis or baseball. I'm preeeety sure there aren't any other buildings though, I was looking at satellite photos that somebody pasted in the other thread I had mentioned and didn't see any other buildings besides the ones I've been in.

There's some pictures of what was there at: - but having been in that area literally 50+ times over a span of many years I've never seen anything remotely like that so I'm not really sure when those pictures were taken.

If the other sites are still standing I'd expect them to look similar though - might be interesting to check out.
Ahh.. correction then.. I looked at the pictures again and they specifically say NF-17DC so those pictures would have been from the Lockport site. So maybe the stuff is still there but it proves I'm not crazy and there probably isn't anything to see on Grand Island after all. :-)
Yeah.. NF-17DC is still there, mostly in tact.. NF-16 is there too, well the control buildings are.. I drove by the Control site today, and saw something, and a memory kicked in.. They have a sign for visitors directing on where to park, and I remember one Saturday seeing the gates open, and about 4 or 5 people milling about. I will have to get more recon on this.. Might be able to visit it. It appears that whatever function NF-16 is serving today they are using the main command building and old barraks building for something, the other smaller support buildings apear abandoned.

The Grand Island site.. I coulden't tell you about, I've never been..

The Hamburg site however, I have been.. Its a hodge-podge of renovated new use, abandoned and sealed, and torn down buildings, at least on the command site. The Launch site, I do not personally know.

Figured it would be some good info for them explorers out there :)