fatalcharade (fatalcharade) wrote in wnyexplored,

Love Canal

has anyone been to love canal recently? I went last week, becos I live 5 minutes away, and never went there. I guess *all* of the abandoned houses are gone now, but I didn't really see anything interesting. but, its still kinda neat cos you can drive down the streets, and theres still driveways and sidewalks but no houses. can anyone think of anything interesting that I didn't see?
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ive never been patrick. take me there i wanna go!
the whole entire area from the neighbors across the street to love canal was going to be evacuated at one point. cos, theres a dump across the street from me. so, I really am like 5 mins from it. its across william from the summit mall. julie lives RIGHT outside of it.
I just went there the other day on my way to Toronto. It was so eerily creepy. I found it even weirder that people were walking their dogs with no problem. Whatever works for them I guess. I'm so photographing it when I get my digital camera (and spring rolls around).
Every time I go through Niagara on my way to Hamilton I want to visit Love Canal but I have no idea where it is. I'm guessing that it's the high numbered streets (like 100 plus)