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High St. and Main

I'm pretty sure we were the last people to walk the halls of this 12 floor apartment building. Built around 1925 (we found news paper clippings behind a broken bathroom mirror), the apartments had some minor wood work (all painted over), glass cabinets in the kitchen and a large variety of simple light fixtures. The pent house on the roof had a single apartment (with marble tiles in the bathroom) and a large room that was filled with debris, some graffiti said "I met the girl of my dreams here" and "N.I.P. RIP 1933-2000".

We entered through a demolished wall, but found easier access through the Main St. door, one of our crew had sandles (it was a surprise entry) and wasn't able to deal with the rubble. Pretty unremarkable inside, but a lovely view of the city.

We entered Monday night, one wing had already been demolished and I doubt there is much left by the time you read this. It was pretty amazing to be the last life in a vanishing building.
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