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Urban Exploring On TV!!!!!

I know this isn't an image post, but it's information about urban exploring on TV!

There's now a TV show dedicated to Urban Exploration!

On the 29th, they will be exploring BUFFALO!

Discovery Channel now has a show called Urban Explorers and this is the link to the schedule

Synopsis: Milwaukee
Debut: Inner-city explorations of little-known structures and buildings. First up: Areas in Milwaukee are visited by a team of experts that includes an urban historian, a structural engineer and two urban climbers.

Category: documentary
Release Year: 2005
Rating: TV-PG
Length: 60 minutes

The rest of the week:
06/28/2005 (5pm): Chicago
06/29/2005 (5pm): Buffalo
06/30/2005 (5pm): Pittsburgh
07/01/2005 (5pm): Denver

my only complaint is that it's not closed-captioned and I have no idea what's going on (I'm deaf). But it was awesome actually seeing live video footage. Just thought I'd give you guys a head's-up!

I hope they go to Rochester and go inside the Psychiatric Center. That would be of teh awesomeness. And to Danvers, Massachusetts to visit Danvers State Insane Asylum as well!

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